Non-Rentals Management

Congratulations, you own a vacation home on beautiful Hatteras Island!

You like to enjoy it yourself, or perhaps you allow family and friends to visit.


What do you do when your home is sitting idle for extended periods of time?
How do you know everything is secure?
Who do you call when repairs are needed? And most important, what do you do when hurricanes threaten your home?

The Good…

The good thing about a vacation home is that it’s always there when you need it.

The Bad…

The bad thing is that you’re not always there and things can happen that need attention.

Leaving your home vacant for an extended period of time can be a problem. Of course there are the obvious concerns, things like lawn care and security checks but other more important concerns can also arise, frozen pipes, hurricane preparation and even pest control can keep you wondering how to take care of your home away from home.

If you’re not comfortable leaving your home vacant and unwatched for long periods of time, or if you’re tired of wondering what you might find when you return, if you’re wondering what to do when a storm threatens your home….well wonder no more and look no further…

You’ve Found Shore Details!

Our Non-Rental Service Plan is just for you!

Non Rental Owner Services

No matter the size we offer our caretaker service plan at one low cost! For one low annual cost you’ll the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy owning your vacation home. So contact us and sign up today!

Whether you worry you left the coffee pot on, or just need to let the delivery guy in….we’re here for you! And of course you’ll know your home is well prepared for the storm and when it’s over….you’ll know who to call for the good news that your home is safe and secure!

So, Here’s What You Get!

Pre-arrival service:
We’ll stop by to prepare the home as you need, turn the AC down or the heat up, open the curtains and make sure you walk into a home that is ready when you arrive!

24-hour emergency contact
available for you and your guests

Home visits as requested
(open for vendors and pest control techs, requested walk-through) Need help finding the right vendor? Call us, we’ll schedule and inspect any work needed.

Hurricane Prep
and opening including a status report. And if necessary, we’ll even work with your insurance adjusters; meeting them at your home, providing pictures and helping you recover.

But wait there’s more…

Housekeeping staff making bed.

You can also call anytime for housekeeping.
Need the house tidied before the family shows up? Just give us a call and we’ll get you on the schedule. Please note: non-rental housekeeping can be scheduled anytime Monday-Friday

Hot tub on deck looking out to beach and ocean.

We can also keep your hot tub cleaned

Person mowing grass.

Provide lawn care during summer months

Man placing board over window preparing for hurricane.

Provide maintenance repair services

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Our Office serves as the main base of operations for all our properties.

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So don’t leave your home unattended. Let Shore Details be here for you…

You’ll feel better knowing you have qualified and trained staff watching out for your home.

Local friends are great…but don’t take a chance.

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One call…one company…one reason not to worry!